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Sam and Dean share a peaceful moment on the hood of the Impala before heading off on a new adventure.

Welcome to my online home.  At this time, it's a spot for fan fiction centering on the TV series Supernatural, but that is always subject to alteration 
with the addition of addictions.  

Some of these stories are serious, some aren't-- and none of them are so dark they'll put you under a cloud of gloom. 

So, settle in, have a read and let me know what you think.  We who love writing fanfiction draw our "pay" in feedback, y'know!  

Thanks, and have fun!

[10/30/2012: I've just imported my LiveJournal to DreamWidth, so for a little while longer, the links will take you back to my LJ.  As life allows, I'll be altering all the links to point to the same entries on DW, and will be transferring over my photos and journal style and all that technical stuff nobody really cares about but me-- so bear with me.  If all goes as planned, this should be a totally DW site by the first of the year.]

Story List

Image7  Angst, Dean-style:

I've Learned My Lesson Well: "Three may keep a secret, if two are dead."  Dean learns that a secret can outlive all three who kept it, and that all secrets are ticking time bombs loaded with unwelcome Truth.  

Genre: Angst
Character(s): Dean (Sam & other main cast members mentioned)
Rating: T for language
Word Count/Status: 6,400. Complete. (A scad of parts, but don't let that scare you. They're really short.)
Warnings: Spoilers for S1-S7.


caseficicon Case-Fics:

Toys in the AtticIn the peaceful town of Goldwood, Pennsylvania, a small child goes missing in the night.  Horrible and tragic, but it happens all the time.  Nothing to attract the attention of a pair of Hunters like Sam and Dean.   Except that this child vanishes out of a locked, second-story room.  Then another child disappears, and another.

In every case, something else has mysteriously vanished along with the children: a large, exquisite Victorian rocking horse.   The same large, exquisite Victorian rocking horse.

Sam and Dean vow to find and destroy the evil toy before it can abduct another child, only to discover that the trail is almost a hundred years long. Gen, no particular season.  No spoilers. Sam & Dean. Rated K+.  Word count: 18,487  Status: Complete.

Sam's Hacking Lessons Pay Off (Thanks, Ash, where ever you are...) Sam joins a very special social network.
Thanks to my own son's skills, this wound up in my inbox one afternoon.  (And thanks too, Cm, for letting me share this with the world.)  
Gen, no particular season.  No spoilers.  Sam only.  Rated T.  Word count: 452  Status: Complete.

The Difficulty of Crossing a Field:  Sometimes, there's an unimaginable distance between one step to the next, and people and things can get lost in between.  
Gen case-fic, no particular season.  No spoilers.  Sam and Dean only.  Rated K+.  Word Count: 3626 Status: Complete.  

schmoopfluffFun stuff!

Fashion Statement: Sam has a sense of style all his own, which explains a certain infamous t-shirt.  This is why it's in his wardrobe.  Written for the Team Sam/Team Dean Summer 2012 Challenge on spn_bigpretzel.  Gen, no spoilers.  Sam and Dean. Rated K+.  Word Count: 421.  Status: Complete-- with pictures!

That Would Have Been Funny, Huh!:  Sam gets a visit from the Trickster, who happens to be on his day job.  Gen, no particular spoilers.  Sam and Gabriel/Trickster.  Rated K.  Word Count: 500.  Status: Complete.  This is also a "pin the tail on the plot-bunny" game too, if you'd like to play!

The Brady Crunch:  Ever wonder what really happened to Tiger? Well....
Kinda Crack!Fic, kinda cross-over, kinda mean maybe too, but hey-- this is what happens when worlds collide! Rated K.  Sam & Dean, the Brady Kids, and Tiger.

Back Online:  The most primal sense is the sense of smell.  The others follow, one by one.  
Drabble, rated K.  Sam & Dean.

Sam's Shopping List:  The average person can remember seven items on a verbal list.  All of us are more average than we like to admit.
Drabble, rated K.  Sam & Dean.

"Dude" Is a Many-Splendored Thing: On considering how often the brothers use this little verbal hiccup, this drabble popped out.  Dude.
Rated: K, Sam & Dean.  100 words, natch!

Sammy and the Tremendous, Delightful, Very Good Day: When your last name is Winchester, you're pretty sure that if something seems to be too good to be true, it is....
Just a little "day in the life" fluff with a Winchester twist.  Gen, no particular season. No spoilers.  Sam and Dean only.  Rated K+.  Word count: 1917  Status: Complete. 

Georgie-Porgie Inugami Au: Georgie-Porgie

Georgie-Porgie, Sammy and Me: Dean gets a chance to make one of Sam's fondest childhood dreams come true.  It's just a little puppy.  How much trouble can it be?  
Genre: Retired Fic.  Written in response to Autumn_Lilac's Comment Meme request on SPN-BigPretzel.  Complete schmoop, with hints of past dark and a good dollop of Hurt!Sam thrown in for good measure. Warning: Aftermath of serious character injury.  Rated T for a few legend concepts more than language or anything else.  Word Count: 5297.  Status: Complete.

Sam and George Meet:  Original artwork for Georgie-Porgie, Sammy and Me.  Graphite.  Rated: K

Georgie-Porgie, Puddin' and Pie:  A sequel to Georgie-Porgie, Sammy and Me set a few months later when George is all grown up.  Even though Sam and Dean think they're long out of the family business, Trouble still knows their address.  But really, with an inugami in the living room, why are they surprised when another case drops into their laps?
Genre: Gen, retired fic.  Rating: K+.  Warnings: Just a few mild naughty words. Status: Complete.  Word Count: 7,000

3foldcordiconThreefold Cord AU:

A Threefold Cord:  In their struggle to prevent the Apocalypse, Sam and Dean gain a long-lost weapon.  
If you're looking for a long read, this is a true novella.  Gen AU branching off Season 4's "On the Head of a Pin." Spoilers through the end of Season 4.  Dean, Sam, Bobby, Ruby, OFC.  Rated T for language, violence and general SPN squickiness.  Word count: 38k approx.  Status: Complete.

Angel of the No-Tell Motel: An angel, a booby-trapped motel room and a very odd mummy add up to a road trip rescue mission unusual even by Winchester standards.  
Set shortly after the events of A Threefold Cord.  Gen AU,  slight spoilers to end of Season 4.  Dean, Sam, Missouri, OFC.  Rated T for mild language and general SPN squickiness.  Word Count: 8069.  Status: Complete.

Third Eye Blind"There is none so blind as he who will not see."  The Winchesters take on a shape-shifter with an ambitious wealth acquisition plan.  
Set after the events of Angel of the No-Tell Motel.  Gen AU, slight spoilers to the end of Season 4.  Dean, Sam, Castiel, OFC.  Rated T for language, violence and the usual SPN squick.  Word Count: 8249.  Status: Complete.

Me and You and a Dog Named June: Crazy isn't contagious, but phobia is a contact poison.  Sam, Dean and June enter an asylum to battle a blood-thirsty monster spawned from purest innocence.

Threefold Cord AU.  Dean, Sam and June (OFC).  AU Season 5, no spoilers.  Rated M for Adult Concepts (Nothing explicit).  T-level language and general SPN violence. Word count: 17,174 Status: Complete.



Pecking Order:  A scene cut from A Threefold Cord.  
It would have fallen somewhere between chapters 2 and 6.  No spoilers.  Rating: K+.  Word Count: 425.  Sam, Dean, OFC.

Into the MST: A Threefold Cord Unraveled:  Two humans and a dragonoid cold-read an SPN fanfic.
This is what happened after my son carefully and patiently beta-read "A Threefold Cord."  When this landed in my inbox, I could hardly read through the tears after the first few lines-- and I wasn't crying because my feelings were hurt!  I must confess, he did poke a couple of weak spots I've since edited in the unMSTified version....  May all my critics be so darn funny. Same caveats as for Threefold.  Word count: I dunno, bunches.  Status: Complete (it's just the first chapter, so don't panic!)


As I read fics that take my breath away or have me reaching for a tissue, or turning pea-green from creative envy, I'll post a link here.  Right now, I've got a backlog of favorites that I'm working on posting as I can,so keep checking back!




Supernatural is 90% dark and angsty, but there's a constant leavening of humor that makes it unique and intriguing.  SPN-BigPretzel celebrates that lighter side.  I look in on a lot of LJ's and comms, but checking to see what's new on BigPretzel's become part of my daily morning routine.  Thanks, Mods-- you've made a very fun, very warm and welcoming community there!

Click the pic to check them out.



***General Obligatory Fanfiction Disclaimer***
I don't own any of the characters that are clearly the creations of others.  I claim no rights to them, and I do not receive-- nor do I desire-- any monetary or other tangible gain from them.  Any characters or concepts that appear here that may be under someone else's copyright remain solely their own intellectual and financial properties.  These works are intended solely as extended paeans of praise for the original creators and an expression of my great enjoyment of the original sources. 

Any original fiction that is posted here will be clearly marked as such, and does remain my intellectual, financial and otherwise copy-righted property.  You may fanfic it, if you should so desire (after all, I'd be the worst sort of hypocrite to get bent out of shape over that, right?) but please do not use it in any way that puts money in your pocket but not into mine too. I think we can all agree that's the unforgivable sin, the Line We Do Not Cross with anyone's Figments. But hey, if you have some brilliant idea for how my original writing could make us both filthy rich?  I'm all ears for that!  



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