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[Lupine the 3rd has posted an update.]
Never heard of this before, a meet-n-greet for us 'different souls'. Clever how you've got it set up to a .ru domain so the Feds can't see it... anyways! I'm a 26-year werewolf, chewed my way through a dozen leg bones like Blow Pops. Anyone else here in touch with their lunar selves?
[MeetInHeat9 likes this post.]
hell yes, 19 years here. wouldnt believe how many poor saps think they can get away with stuff in a darkened hotel room, lol.
[Ed Wood Jr. commented on 'Twilight Blows'.]
Dammit, I'm not sure if I should give this bitch an evisceration or a medal. I've had a billion teenage girls come around doing 'vampire hunting', so meals on wheels are nice, but damned if I'm going to let the image of vampires turn into pale-faced pansies that sparkle like they mainlined a craft store aisle. I say we get out there and spread some terror.
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[Lupine the 3rd has posted an update.]
FYI, MeetInHeat9's a dude.
[Wolverine commented on this post.]
Excuse me, I need to go take a million showers and scrub my dick with sandpaper to scrape away all the bad memories.
[Marrowind commented on this post.]
save some hot water for me dude
[The administrator has posted new news. PLEASE READ.]
Guys, the authorities are getting suspicious. I'm gonna be switching to an underground server in Sweden. Update your bookmarks.
[VantYou posted a picture.]
Aftermath of our last party. That's me in the center.
[Anderson has commented on your post.]
BANG, duckface
[VantYou has replied.]
BANG, dickhead.
[Marrowind has posted an update.]
so anyone heear about lupine? he's been gone a while
[Wolverine commented on this post.]
Reports from the street say he got Winchestered. Glad I don't live in his neighborhood.
[Marrowind has replied.]
[Windigo has posted an update.]
found a Youtube video about us.
[BonesM.D. commented on this post.]
Truly the greatest monster of the 20th century. Also, your trolling buildup sucks.
[Windigo has replied.]
[Marrowind's status has updated: 10 minutes ago.]
some black impala cruising around, kinda weird
[VantYou has commented.]
Run. Smash the computer and get the hell out of there.
[Marrowind's status has updated: 4 minutes ago.]
pfh, i can deal with two jackass teenagers, going to lure them here.
[Ed Wood Jr. has commented.]
Natural selection in action. BRB, wiping drive.
[Marrowind's status has updated: 1 minute ago.]
[Marrowind's status has updated: now.]
This is Sam Winchester. Your online buddy's dead and we're coming for you all next, you freaks of nature.
[Error: domain does not exist.]
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Title: Toys In The Attic
Author: carole_cc
Art: caiti_icons

Rating: K+
Words: 18,487
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the CW and those who own all rights to Supernatural.
Warnings: None
Summary: Written for the 
[ profile] spn_gen_bigbang
In the peaceful town of Goldwood, Pennsylvania, a small child goes missing in the night.  Horrible and tragic, but it happens all the time.  Nothing to attract the attention of a pair of Hunters like Sam and Dean.   Except that this child vanishes out of a locked, second-story room.  Then another child disappears, and another.

In every case, something else has mysteriously vanished along with the children: a large, exquisite Victorian rocking horse.   The same large, exquisite Victorian rocking horse.

Sam and Dean vow to find and destroy the evil toy before it can abduct another child, only to discover that the trail is almost a hundred years long.

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I've Learned My Lesson Well
Title: I've Learned My Lesson Well
Genre: Angst
Character(s): Dean (Sam & other main cast members mentioned)
Rating: T for language
Word Count/Status: 6,400. Complete. (A scad of parts, but don't let that scare you. They're really short.)
Warnings: Spoilers for S1-S7.
Summary:  "Three may keep a secret, if two are dead." Dean learns that a secret can survive far longer than all three who kept it hidden; but all secrets are ticking time bombs loaded with unwelcome Truth.  

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Brilliant Fics By Other Authors
As I read fics that take my breath away or have me reaching for a tissue,
or turning pea-green from creative envy, I'll post a link here.
Right now, I've got a backlog of favorites that I'm working on posting as I can,
so keep checking back!
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