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carole_c ([personal profile] carole_c) wrote2012-06-01 11:14 am

Back Online

Pungent, that smell.  Petroleum and something almost like spice.  Nothing else like it. Gun oil.

Yeast and a sharper tang.  Beer.

Onions, that peculiar bite in the breath from raw ones. 

A whiff of almost-garlic.  Sweat.  Maybe his own, maybe not. 

The coppery, rusty taste of blood.

A hint of bitter bile, making him queasy.

Vibration beneath, inside him, rumbling. 

Throbbing pain, almost everywhere.

Pressure on his shoulder, warm and light.

A voice, low, urgent.  "Sammy? You with me?"

Dean's face, gaunt in the shadows of the dashboard light.  "You ok?"

A split-lip smile worth the sting.  "Yeah. I'm good."